Do you want to build a snow man?

Sisterhood is not overrated.

There was a time when I thought sister hood is overrated.
I mean I’ve always had my big sister messing around with me. While I was positively in love with her and we were close and in sync- the entire industry of your sister being your best friend seemed a tad over the top.

While the movie frozen was overrated, the underlying theme of having a sister you love enough to break curses was not really that hyped up on.
Strangely enough that what stuck in my head in the movie more that Idena Menzel’s let it go.

My sister has always been some one who is openly affectionate, and her favorite way of annoying me would be singing “Do you want to build a snow man” in a whiny child voice.

Tomorrow she’s moving out, and I realise that the only reason I’m not bawling in the floor is because I’m still in denial.

Some things are such integral parts of your identity, you cannot quite grasp the concept of life without them.
Losing a lover hurts your heart, you can feel physical pain from it.
Having the person who has been more a part of you than anyone else, from when you were a waddling little pidgin till eighteen odd years later- leave is quite something else altogether.
Some relations aren’t special.
They are just there. As real and undeniable as the air you breathe.
Have you ever appreciated the fact that you can drink water?
It’s the same with sisters really.

And now we both will sit down and watch Disney’s frozen, hoping a multimillion dollar movie franchise can express feelings we are incapable of sharing with each other.


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