255 words and a reality.

“I am in love with you.” I said the words with a sense of regret almost, apologetic for the inconvenience it must cause him.

“That is okay, I- I am in love with you too.” He informed me in a matter-of-fact way. My heart leapt and drowned at the same moment.

“You don’t have to pretend, I am alright with this being one-sided; I don’t expect you to love me in return.” I told him, trying to mask the hope and hurt.

He had a tiny frown between his brows. “I know, But I do really love you.”

I stared at him stupidly, my mind still a little confused about the fact that, he might actually be saying that he loved me.  “Well, now I feel stupid. I am sorry I thought you just said it because you don’t want to hurt me. You are just so nice”

He shrugged, blushing a little. He always tended to get a little red on the cheeks. “Yes, but I do love you.”

I smiled stupidly.

“Could you say that again?” I chewed my bottom lip, an improvised reality-check pinch.

“I love you” Sincerity in his voice, seeping under my skin.

One moment my world was a grey expanse of shattered hopes and unbidden desires; and the next, he dropped a ray of light on  broken hope at an angle, total internal reflection, my entire world was blazed with shimmering light.

At the beginning of every heart break, is a globe of happy memories that never fade away.


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