In my fairytale.

It seems vain, that I, who wrote despondent little pieces about sadness I hadn’t even seen;
Now attempts to write about a love I have never felt.
Well, here it goes. A letter to my #nonexistent# Prince Charming.

Dear love,

If you had been my princess, I’d gift you flowers on our first meeting,
But you’re not, so I’d settle for something like chocolates.
We could eat them together, if that made you feel comfortable.

I wouldn’t tax you with distress calls to save me from giants and witches,
We would battle our monsters together, back to back.

Instead of stepping on your hand and have you lift me up,
I’d put my foot on the stirrup and ride by your side.

I’d give you companionship, but honestly I’d be a terrible cook.
I’d share your burdens, if you shared mine, don’t leave me alone to hang knickers on the clothesline.

And I have a feeling you’d be better with the sewing,
I’ve never been good at sitting still,
The only thing I can do with patience,
Is love.

-with more love,
Your Princess.


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