I possess,

A very particular set of skills,

That possess the capacity

To do a particular amount of harm.

Pages of notes on my whereabouts,

Every detective is a stalker.

But no one, can follow quite as well

As me.

You have redefined perception for me,

The buzz from staring through window slats

Overpowered by the kick of being watched.

I have eyes on the back of my head,

And my walls hear your muffled breath

As you watch me,

Watch you,

Watch me.

I wonder if you feel, the same thrill

If your senses heighten,

Like mine as I see you through biscopic lenses.

I left the kitchen window unlatched,

I found the dent on my couch,

I know where to look.

You might be watching,

But you learnt it from me.

I followed a pretty blonde,

Keeping up appearances-

Lest you drop the charges.

An act within an act,

You’ve made my game more complex,

In a way

Cured me really.

Exhibitionism from voyeurism.

On-eighty degrees.

Two hands of a clock,

Our movements tethered.

60 clumsy movements of yours,

My one masterstroke.

Breadcrumbs, I am leaving trails

Follow it,

Watch me,

Watch you

Watch me.

The blonde looks dull,

She is dull- really.

After you, why wouldn’t she be?

That’s the thing about obsessions.

You cured me of a disease,

Gave me another.

But appearances must be maintained.

Paper planes fly,

The breeze lifts the curtain.

I find a wig, blonde

She wasn’t a real one after all.

something feels off-

Like we aren’t the only ones in the game

I was sloppy, it seems.

She was bait,

Your superiors don’t have too much faith

In your abilities.

Do they suspect,

You’ve gone rogue?

Who played whom?

I don’t know right now,


I haven’t felt fear in a long while

You’re getting better.

“Put your hands where I can see them”

Click, cuffs-

Metals have a way of burning into souls

Or soulless devils.

I have the right to remain silent.

Corner of my eye,

I catch a glimpse of you slipping away.

I want to scream,

It’s a trap!

But, anything I say can and will be

Held against me

In court.


Stalking might be more interesting,

In a prison cell.

I hear them catch you,

“Put your hands where I can see them”

Struggles, vehemence.

You are in denial,

But I have been doing this longer,

I’ve had more time to

Contemplate consequences.

They bring you in,

And I watch you

Watch me,

Watch you.


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