What makes you tick?

Are you an old time piece,
Swinging laboriously every second,
Keeping count with actions
Voluminous actions;
A Grandfather clock,
Ancient – integrity, suits
And a cup of tea.

Are you complicated, intricate-
The dozen hands
Of a modern big-dialed wrist watch
Gold-plated, valuable
A hundred tiny faces within-
Each ticking away a different story
Multiple lives-
Identities, masks,

A stopwatch then?
A living countdown
Driven, ticking
Counting seconds to-
A blast, a goal
A change.
Always teetering
On the brink of an end
An extremist.

Or an alarm clock-
A reminder for the world,
Eager, an example
The good-doer loathed and
Taken for granted.
Shrill, annoying,
Filled with good intentions-

A digital clock,
On a phone screen- a tablet
Most used, least understood.
A victim of modernisation,
Faceless, shallow
A façade
Behind which there is only glass
And a line of code.

No matter your worth,
Gold or plastic,
Toys or heirlooms
One thing remains unchangeable-
You’re always waiting.


2 thoughts on “What makes you tick?

  1. No complications here (unless you throw in the A.D.D…) I shall be a Sun Dial. 😉 Léa

    I really liked the poem and may have to use some of the images it gave me for one of my own?


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