Stuff I did on the internet today.

1. Built a squid called petme and then set it free.
Then I spied on someone else’s squid and played with him a bit.
2. I tried to guess 100 most used words in English.
Managed to get a 40℅
3. Tried to guess Greek alphabets.  Score:12/24.
4. Passed a lady’s body through bubbles by defying gravity.
5. Conducted a herd of horses, two with bass and two sopranos.
Boo boo (oolaoo) boo boo (oo lala oolao)
6.  Bounced around some cats.
7. Found my location through cat preference.
8. Blew things up.
9. Pressed and held a button that said press for 5mins.40 seconds
10. Chronicled it all on my blog. 


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