Broken love

Stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fears and see
Nothing is real till its gone.

I wait here, for the clock to strike an odd number, hugging a shawl of impatience as I count the seconds to your appearance.

Everyday is a balance on the edge of a knife, either my heart breaks, or it doesn’t.
An eternal circle of freeze and thaw,
And I grow more brittle everyday.

The clouds pregnant with a sorrow that weighs down on them,
Every tear drop struggling against apathy,
To reach the warmth of earthly skin.

Replication of perfection is harder than perfection itself.
I realise that everytime you cross the threshold.
You’re perfect in my mind.

It’s fiction, with a grain of truth- you and I and this eternal dance.
It’s half beautiful in its devilish trance, the way we seek what we never should.
The way you shatter, every hope everyday
Give me new ones, assure me they are meant to stay.
A pageantry where noone is watching
And three broken words to seal the passion.

I love you, and here you stay
Break my heart


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