This is one of those times.
When your ears feel as tender as a new born’s feet and every single sound seems to echo in your head like a mini orchestra.
When your own voice is too loud, and your head is a huge swollen alien bulb.
When you imagine megamind’s external features as your own and thousands of oompaloompas play cymbals while marching in through your ears.

Times like this, hangovers seem paltry jokes.
I’m not sure why this is happening, but it is and I am acutely aware of the buzz of the light in the room, and the creak of the refrigerator.

My mind hurts, and I can feel imaginary nosebleeds-only from my ears.
My eyes feel blurry while too in focus.
I am literally hypersensitive and the tender all of a sudden, and a hornet’s nest landed on my head.

Please just save me from this darkness


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