Gossip wildfires.

The words ran across the hall,
Down the staircases in a flurry of steps-
Excited, out of breath
It burst on the first living soul.

The soul reeled,
A part of it rejoiced at the secret leaked.
Another recoiled, wishing it weren’t upto her
To spread the news.

She hurried to the point
From where the news could fire through
The building and classrooms.
Consuming everything
In a one minute inferno
Of gossip.

She lit the match, watch the source point send
Impulses through every nerve
Every avenue screaming silently
In its race to reach the brain.

Whispers, whispers everywhere-
A little embellished,
A misheard word
A Japanese whisper recipe
For gunpowder.

The building is steeped in tensed silence
Wide eyed comments,
About misheard rumours

A few whispers leaked under the door,
An eavesdropper picking up an excuse from the floor
That’s all it took.

Words cannot stay still, they must move,
A virus hellbent on spreading
Everywhere there can be damage.
A potential epidemic that could wipe out
A world that had taken
Fourteen long years to build.

Don’t lie,
A part of you is curious about
What had she heard
That caused this train wreck.
Were you not,
Inadvertently waiting
For the news to be revealed?

The thing about these fires are,
Even after you extinguish them
With showers of sand.
It leaves a grit in your teeth,
You can’t quite remove.


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