Hate poem to emoticons.

I have a genuine abhorrence for emoticons.
They are killers of expression .

If you’re wondering how,
You never realised he was depressed
Till he tried to take
Too many pills,
It’s because
The only face you ever saw,
Had a pre decided expression.

These yellow monsters,
Fill in gaps,
Where conversation would once sit.

Our words are on diet,
And emoticons are belts we use
To fasten the size 36 jeans. 

Minimalist conversations,
And it’s not even an art form.

Where once you would say,
You’re happy he called
You just send
The godforsaken smiley face.

Can feelings not translate,
Without 💔💜👍👌💑😀😢?

Orwell had predicted,
A new English language,
Without adjectives or synonyms.
We now have a language
With predesignated emotions.
If its not on your phone
You cannot feel it.


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