Lost and Insecure.

Different levels of beautiful.

The worse kind of stories, are the ones,
Whose hurt you can feel even if you cannot relate to them.
You discover your soul, when pain is branded into it.
Few things can break your heart,
The way two men in love can.

I realised, after watching that three-part series something I have been struggling to comprehend for some time now: why a love story between two men hurts me in an alien way like nothing since the titanic.
For one, I am a stickler for beauty.
And men are beautiful.
Perhaps that is why,
But, there is a deeper reason, something I cannot put my finger on.

In these love stories, You feel like an outsider, a dirty voyeur at the edge of heaven,
Staring into something beautiful, that was not meant for your eyes.

Someone had asked me, what is one thing women should learn from men.
I think, for most of us it holds true, when we say we need to learn the honest meaning of friendship.
Two men in love gives me a heartache I cannot dispel,
Makes me cry snotty tears because, its a world where you don’t need us.
Where you are beautiful without vain creatures who have at least once in their lives, stabbed a friend in their back.

I am not denouncing women, I am one.
I love women, truly, madly, deeply.
That further fuels the envy, of watching a man cry for another man.

It’s a simple truth we tend to forget,
Love makes fools of us all;
Even the bystanders.

As for why I cried so hard during that video, I am as clueless as every other girl I know who did.


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