Everyone needs saving.

I met a boy once.
Amidst my languid hedonism,
This story is about him.

This tale is an apology, for someone who had unknowingly saved a life, and had gotten bruises in return.

A boy with curls on his head, and a complete disregard for socially accepted etiquette of conversation.

A boy with a strange name, who was a stranger even after I knew all of him.

If you ever happen upon the word ‘kind’
You’ll know you’ve met him.

I had never heard him laugh, but I couldn’t count on my two hands,
The number of times he had made me smile.

He was an ache somewhere in your heart,
Through him you found out that you’re human.

In his eyes, whose colour I am still not sure of; you’d see sincerity you had forgotten existed.

This boy, with his swords and cats,
Reminded you why you’d want to fall in Love in the first place.

In the middle of the night, curled up in agony of some silly imaginary plight,
He is that ray of sanity that keeps the blades away from your wrist.

Have you ever been in love?
Yes, probably, maybe.

Have you ever been loved by someone who’d never hurt you?
I have.

After all this time of thinking I was strong,
I was happy;
He taught me
Everyone needs saving.

If you see him somewhere, stressed, caring for someone he didn’t necessarily have to-
Know that he is the one thing Pandora left in her box
And what made all of us survive the sleeping pills and knives.

And it’s a little request that you hold his hand,
For everyone needs saving.


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