Daily Prompt: Flawed

only fools fall for you

only fools fall. 

Fools-Troye Sivan


I watched her laugh, the corners of her doe-eyes crinkle

Somewhere inside me, joy ached.

Its not often, but sometimes I can’t

Help but stare at her; trying to solve

the puzzles of her beauty.

I pretend, the curl of her hair,

To be the sign of integration.

The values dot across her face, the tiny dimple on her chin

The lower limit to my equation.


I usually avoid such musings, but sometimes

I can’t help but close my eyes

Imprinting her laughter;

like the ridges on my skin

from the  wicker chair in her room.


Mostly, she is my friend- and I want nothing more

But sometimes, I cant help but remember

I am flawed.

I see more, than the disappointment in her scars,


When she tries to paint emotions, Kohl along her eyes,

I can only think of what beauty the make-up hides.

I am flawed, because only I can see

The perfect person she was meant to be.






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