An Ode To Vanity

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love


Painting my eyes with Kohl before putting on glasses that hide the effort anyway, I briefly mutter to myself.

Concentrating more on how I look than on who is on the opposite end,in the tiny window of my Skype screen I reiterate


Spending an hour editing pictures of myself, and being impressed with the results( Not that I’d ever post them anywhere) I hear my mind sigh


Reading my own blog posts in random moments of boredom I faintly realize that I’m a

Normal person, who just like everyone else, does things out of a need for self-assertion and then mistakes it for self-obsession.

So, here it is – my ode to vanity:

I’m so fancy, I already know; In the fast lane- from LA to Tokyo

Oh wait, that is not by me,

Its by Iggy Azalea

There you have it- things I hate to love:

Being a self-obsessed weirdo who thinks she is funny, but is actually like those marzipan dipped candy sticks glazed with honey;

So sweet, Its almost fucking bitter.






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