Happy Days.

Sometimes, the silliest things make me happy.
One of my friends just got a new kitten, and the kitten is fucking adorable.

Last night, in the middle of my dead-man sleep, I got a message.

Sleepily I fumbled open the chat and with bleary half-open eyes saw something that made my day (well it was around 4 in the morning)

She doesn't have proper teeth yet. Aw.

So there I was, trying to express my gratitude at the sudden surge of sleepy happiness sweeping through me.
And I drunk typed:

Omygod *heart brands Z

Translation: oh my god, *heart breaks*

In the morning, I woke up unreasonably happy, and could pin point the exact reason, till I opened my chat and saw that picture again.

Somewhere, there exists a baby kitten that is holding a big guy’s hand with its tiny paws and pretending to eat his finger.

And you say there isn’t hope left?


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