Social Calls.

It takes some very little things sometimes to push you off the edge.
Or closer to the edge.
No matter how immune you think you are to the expectations of society.
At some point you’ll find yourself begging to conform.

Some tiny part of your brain keeps harping,
If she can have it, why can’t I?
Am I so useless?
Does she deserve it more than me?

Thoughts like these keep popping in the heads of everyone of us.
No matter how altruistic and rebellious we are.
At some point all of us are plagued with doubts and then we scramble to find in us that one factor the achiever doesn’t have.

Its this petty competition, where we all paste plastic smiles on our faces and offer congratulations
Where secretly all of us feel jealous boiling hatred for the man of the hour.

You can’t fight the human inside of you, all the time.

another sign of madness


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