Fairytale : true love’s kiss

She took my palm gently in her hand, her cool fingers gripping the base of my index finger firmly.
With a spindle, whose edge gleamed in the half shadows of the bedside lamp, she pricked my finger.

The pain was startling, my hand drawing shut reflexively as I stared at the bent head before me.
Her thick brown hair fell over her brow, hiding the frown of concentration as she pressed the sides of my dully aching finger.
A single drop of blood bloomed on my skin, and I could feel fear at edges of my consciousness shimmering.
She looked up at me, with such complete trust that I forgot it all for a moment.

The second ticked, painstakingly slow, it was half-past my sixteenth birthday.
There was candles and celebrations outside the heavy wooden door; but on this side, only the both of us.

Another minute ticked by before looked up at my lover.
“It seems like the curse wasn’t real at all.”

She laughed, her teeth a gleam of white as she bent her cupid lips to my palm.
“You get true love’s kiss anyway”

She gently kissed the blood away, as my cheeks blushed.
For a second I felt the tickle of her breath, the warmth in her eyes as her lips met my skin.

A sudden pain shot through my body, and I fell back into a stupor, my life fading to black as I drowned in the whirlpool of unconsciousness.

A single cry echoed into the void with me, before I slept forever-


another sign of madness


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