(Because ) the night

is dark and full of terrors – GRR Martin.

One of the most fantastic concepts I have ever encountered is that of the incubus.

While it has a long and debatable background, with origins experts will be better equipped to inform you about, It is one of the most terrible things that can happen to you.

I don’t believe very highly in the supernatural, but I attribute it to not having had any experience of that nature. Even then, a hyperactive imagination often muses about what it means to be haunted by an incubus. At the least it would make for a good story.

When you’re asleep, you’re officially off-duty. You are vulnerable, curled up in this fragile web of comfort. Imagine a bed sheet pressed to your face, the air rushing in through your nose and the fabric stuck to your lips. The sensation, of being slowly,steadily suffocated.

The actual details of an incubus attack are varied, so I’ll take the liberty of making up my own.

The sensation on your sleeping skin that makes you smile; they could be the gentle tickling on your face, (probably a cockroach running across) Or the touch of light masculine fingers when you definitely stay and sleep alone.

Most records don’t talk about you being terrified during the act itself, so you think you’re having a really good dream, that guy you’ve been checking out at gym, your brain is a fool but you think its better than porn right?

But the next morning you find light red impressions of his hand on your wrist; that is when the terror gets real.

When your lips are swollen, its a nightmare on elms street, but you’re sore in the wrong places; and you’re definitely not dead.

Why do I not sleep at night, you ask?

For the night is dark, and full of terrors.

Why sleep, when you can experience them instead?

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