The art of obsession Pt 1

Daily Prompt: Fandom

Note: This was supposed to have been a deep insightful post about the pandemic that is fandoms, but it became an obsessive rant on Sherlock. A more significant and less obsessive post coming up shortly, for my non-existent readers.

Double note: I can feel insanity oozing through the cracks of my mind.

sincerely, your biggest fan

this is Stan.

-stan, Eminem ft Dido

The present generation, the one that thrives, lives and dies on the internet, has perhaps created a new definition for the concept of fandom.

Sure, artists of every kind has had fans, some mild, some obsessive, some downright creepy (stalkers, killers etc) from the very beginning of fame.

But there is a difference, between being a fan, and being a part of a fandom. The internet is a big black spider(the fucking terrible one which chased Ron in the chamber of secrets, Harry Potter) It is a terrible, terrible beast, and we are the tiny hairs on its forelimbs, the muscles on its legs, we are the internet.

I am deviating. What was my topic again?

Oh yes, fandom. The thrill of being a part of a group(or kingdom) of fans. It creates mini-kingdoms where you live, breathe and thrive on what you are currently obsessed with.

Being a fan, somewhat implies that you are obsessed- now add to that the competition of comparison of who is the bigger fan. The result is startling amounts of, overwhelming responses to-things that perhaps would not have received such overwhelming response in another decade.

Each fandom is a joint cohesive army, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on the world, to take it over with its virus. Fandoms of tv or movie series or books specially, comprise of slumbering masses of individuals, who hide their fan identities through most of the year, and then when something related to that particular fandom gets posted, published or uploaded- boom! 

shit hits the fan. ( no, the other fan)

There is so much you can say about fandoms, I could probably write a book on being unhealthily obsessed with certain things or people or even characters.

One thing I should probably include though, one is the fact that atleast a year or two back, I refused to ever be a crazy superfan of anything. The idea of standing in lines for autographs or selling kidneys for tickets seemed absurd.

Then, I saw a tv-series called Sherlock. 

In short, I was, what is popularly known as  Sherlocked.

After watching this mind-blowing series, I timidly began to type out the letters on google :

Benedict Cumberbatch ( to those who live under rocks- he played Sherlock)

and I was overwhelmed. Majorly.

What ensued resulted in me having a bunch of new friends of the most variety of origins, and three posters+a cushion c0ver of Benny’s face in my room. Plus, a gallery filled with pictures of Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumber-fucking-Batch.

Add to that watching every interview on youtube, watching every nondescript role he has ever played, and adding him as your daily news feed on google; I was officially a cumberbitch.

A year later, I am not that manically obsessed with him ( partly because of other fandoms I have been anointed and included into) but I know that monster is lurking somewhere inside me, waiting for the christmas special this January.

The sherlock fandom will awaken.


More on fandoms on a later post, I had a lot to say about more aspects of fan-kingdoms, but unfortunately the cumberbitch in me took over.

and I’m totally making a category for fan-girling.

PS: This post probably has the highest count of non-legitimate words in my blog, yaai!









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