The art of obsession pt 2

Second part of daily prompt: Fandom
Okay, so I took a peek at what other people have written about fandoms, and almost everyone talks about sports.

I hate sports, so let me just go back to being a fan of things that don’t require you to get off your couch.

Having moderately gotten rid of the Sherlock rant that creeps inside me, I would like to mention something I noticed in the last two weeks.

Yes it is related to fandoms, I am still going on about it.

Star Wars: The force awakens.

If you thought – Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Breaking Bad or Harry Potter has a large fanbase, you probably withdrew that idea in the insanity that ensued all over the world this weekend.

When I see the sheer amount of people obsessing about star wars, I realise the true strength of a fandom. It is a celebration, of a legacy, in a way, it is a new pedestal on which you could place your stars.

I have not watched star wars, not because I hate it, but because I’ve never gotten around to it. (Totally lost respect for me, didn’t you?) But, as an outsider, I felt like its Christmas (oh wait, it is Christmas) for all of these people.

Also, other than being one of the most deeply hibernating fandoms, apparently they are also one of the best behaved.

This is no ordinary fandom, it is a cult, almost a religion. I saw a post about it, where through out the midnight airing of this long-awaited sequel/prequel god- know- what-quel, not one soul clapped, received a call, or spoke a word. They even refused to discuss the movie outside the theater to prevent others from getting spoilers.

Most remarkable thing was, I saw not a single spoiler, anywhere on the internet. In any other such release, you avoid mass media to stop yourself from getting spoilers. This time, these Good Guy Gregs did not put up any. 

That, That restraint from ruining someone’s childhood obsession, made me think of Christmas.

What does this teach me?

  1. I should watch star wars, not all hypes are fifty shades of grays.
  2. Being a part of something so profound, is like belonging to a family, and in an increasingly isolated and hate-fueled world, this christmas Star Wars fans made me love humanity again.
  3. I think I need a part 3 for this prompt.


just kidding, no more fan-dom posts.






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