Dead Cities and First loves

This is an adaptation/liberal translation of a song :Byartho Shohorer Gaan ( Song of the futile city)
It is an ode to Kolkata, the city of joy, and everyone who had to leave.

Your life calls and you have to go,
We are no longer what we could have been.
Sometimes it is just simpler to forget;
And this mute city of yours
Won’t ever ask you to stay.

So, go and find happiness, in a stranger lovers kiss;
In this ocean of anonymity
I too in time, will set myself adrift.

Even though I know, happiness will come to me,
And to let go is the rule of the world.
While this city is restless without you,
It will never ask why you had to go.

But if some day your past comes calling
And you’re dragged back to sea,
One word and I’ll come running
Shamelessly yours to be.

Kolkata lives on in the ache of our hearts,
This city is futile, only like your first love can be.
Kolkata lives on like a fairytale,
And don’t you know?
Every fairytale is a haunting call for home.

another sign of madness


2 thoughts on “Dead Cities and First loves

  1. This song is one of my favourites and I have been reading this translation on a loop for too long now. And it never feels any less beautiful. I love love love this translation. It’s poetry all in itself. Like a transcreation. And it’s, just, so beautiful. Thank you, a million million times, whoever wrote this piece. I’m just.
    It’s beautiful. Thank you. :’)


    1. Thank You so much. It makes me want to keep writing, If even one person finds a bit of beauty in it. And yes, the song in itself is rather beautiful so, the credit is mostly theirs. However, thank you. 🙂


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