Fuck Holidays.

Why the fuck do we have to celebrate new years eve?

I am spending this so called holiday doing nothing out of the ordinary.
Or I am trying to.

The thing about these mass-celebrations is that no matter how many people who are miserably alone with you through it, there are hundreds who are having epic amounts of fun and judging you for your sorry existence.

Till now I have found three people who are equally miserable.
And the thing about socially accepted reasons for celebrations is, even if you want to do something stupid and mundane- like opening your physics book; your brain refuses to cooperate.

Plus there is the constant music blaring outside and the firecrackers bursting incessantly, reminding me that it’s a fucking holiday.

So I am stuck in this middle-ground
Where I cannot celebrate, and neither can I do anything constructive because
The world says you’re supposed to be having fun.
Not sitting under a blanket writing random blog posts fifteen minutes to midnight.


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