Stranger still.

She had a mole, on the high rise of her cheekbone. And another one, on the side of her neck. She stood there, unaware of the girl she was leaning on every time the train moved.
She was unaware of how someone’s life had reoriented itself around her, and in a few moments she would disappear, leaving this soul without its sun.

In the curl of the haphazard layers of her brown hair, that ticked my nose in the crowded public vehicle, in the strain of avoiding contact with her for fear it would be too much for my sanity, I had found salvation.

And I had lost it.

For a moment, I saw God, and then I lost my memory. I’m an atheist and she is my deity.

Her nose had a small piercing with a gold ring on it, one she had presumably just gotten, by the looks of it.
I wanted to tell her, a stone stud would make her look incredibly beautiful, but maybe that would be too weird.
So I contented myself watching her toes in the sandals.
Some part of me knew, her body was mine to look at,and I definitely knew where to look.

But I didn’t look.

All of you is in my memory, but I refuse to venture into lands I might not come out unscathed of.

Every war has spoils,and you, you took my heart.

That silly piece of me which had lain first dormant before being stabbed to death, and I had managed to keep on ventilation since then; you took, with your doe eyes and wretched calmness, leaving me staring after the taillights of a car that carried you away to nothing.

No part of me believes this is the last time I’ve seen you, because if I have, I might have lost the only person who had ever made me feel whole.

I had never felt so right.
All of that Whilst you were standing calmly, unaware of the life you were tearing to shreds.

You’re beautiful, and even though Ill never see you again, I’ll walk around with a hollow in my heart because you took my life and didn’t even give me your name in return.


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