Stuff only people with no lives can appreciate

I am super excited.
Rather, I am a 0.5 on my excitement scale.
But its usually in the negatives so, yay.
Why am I excited?
Because my cousin( who is very keen on fashion and make-up) put baby pink nail paint on my stubby fingers.

She has beautiful hands, with long slender fingers that end in perfectly shaped rounded nails that are painted a light shade of pink.

She took my hands and expertly applied the same shade.
I didn’t become absolutely beautiful and #instaFamous

My hands are lame.

Its like halfway through finger formation my hands got bored. And my nails? They look like they’ve been cut off by a stern matron.
I have a thing about dirt under fingernails, so I obsessively chop them off.

The result?
You know how you’d look when you wear that designer dress that Hollywood actor wore at the Oscars?

Wow, I was excited, but now I feel inadequate and small.
So much for writing an optimistic post.

But hey, writing about nail-paints is better than not writing at all, right?
Or maybe not.
Oh well.



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