Parenting done right, I think.

My parents are technologically advanced.
What could be the possible implication of this sentence?

Well, my parents deleted the Google history more often than I did for starters.
My dad taught me how to use almost all softwares.
My mum taught my dad how to use WhatsApp.

My father had a Facebook account before I did.
My mother is more active on Facebook than I am.
They both have more WhatsApp contacts.

Today, I was sitting at the dinner table asking my father if he remembered any of the french he had learnt back in his day.

He was scrolling through his phone with one hand, while he ate with another, and he began to laugh at a joke someone had sent him.
After probably a year of a pause, during which I had nothing to do save stare at my now empty plate, he answered with a dismissive ‘not really.’
Then he went back to reading funny WhatsApp messages. After dinner, I was standing around because that is the only time my parents and I(and my sister before she moved out) would talk about our day and discuss random facts; but my mother was busy talking to someone on the phone, and my father was still staring at his.

In a three storeyed house with no other member save ourselves, I had never felt so lonely.
So I crawled back to my room and picked up my only companion in this world.
My phone.

This does not mean my parents are negligent or that they dont give me time. They do. They are the most wonderful people I have met and never in my life have I wanted to change them.

I have always been proud of how classy my parents are in comparison to the rest of my peers guardians, but today I realised its downside.

They are not advocates of bad behavior, and believe this generation is going to hell because of our obsession with gadgets, but a small part of me realizes they fit better in my generation than I do.

And even smaller part of me keeps telling me, that they are the best sorts of achievers, and somehow two positives created a negative.
In the shadow of unbiased excellence, I am growing up to be a narrow minded underachiever, and that, is a consequence of having parents who have lived their dreams and have given you freedom to live yours.

Having amazing parents who never expect anything beyond what you want to give, who never even ask you to study because they believe you cannot force on knowledge, that, that is a different sort of hell altogether.

I cannot fool my parents, lie to them about dates because they know I am too grumpy and judgmental to get a date in the first place.

They just believe in me, and that has been the only sort of parenting they have ever done.
I wouldn’t ask for anything different, but at the same time I wonder if I do justice to their beliefs.

And that I actually wonder that, shows that their parenting was a success, doesn’t it?


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