And I’m learning that I’m broken,
Because I cannot see my phone screen without glasses.
And I’m learning that I’m lonely, because there is noone I can call when I’m terrified.
And through all this tandem with a head full of lies, I’m walking on eggshells chasing paradise.
Nobody is watching, when I fall and scrape my knees,
I’m only learning, first hand insensitivity.

And every promise is a lie, that’s a truth if there was ever honesty.
Its every man, woman, and child for themselves,
The world’s so quiet without dreams.

Every day, a new lesson, on how its me alone in my head
That no matter how many people I’m there for
There’s never going to be someone for me.

When the smoke is stale on my tongue, and the knot of fear subsides,
I realise I’ve gone through this alone
I made it through alive.

All I want to do, is kill myself, and all my thoughts of inadequacy,
What’s the point of getting better,
If there is noone around to see?

I’m done with caring, I think tonight, when all my tears are spent
But tomorrow waits a few hours away,
With more teachings on humanity.

I’m done with judging, you and your peers,
This turbulent storm of youth,
Every hope I ever had,
Died before I reached adulthood.

Still I breathe, I’m alive, learning everyday
That no matter how many times you hit
The brick walls are meant to stay.

Take your facebooks, likes and hashtags
And put them in a bin.
You’ll see you’re just like me,
Begging somebody to listen.

I’m no rhymer, no poet, no singer
I’m nobody, just like you
We have consciousness, that’s true
But we are all animals,
Both me and you.


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