My ghost, where’d you go,
What happened to the soul that you used to be?
– Halsey.

Its been a long time since our humanity has eroded, and you’re the monster hiding under my bed.
When the night is dark and full of terrors, you crawl up beside me, hiding your face in the hollow between my shoulder blades, your nose exhaling trails of smoke. I entwine my fingers with your gnarled paw, drawing your forelimb along my waist, telling you that you’re going to be okay.

I’m your little spoon, as you grumble in my ear through the night, my beautiful beast, when your eyelids droop with sleep I tuck you under the covers. Well I try to, you’re awfully big for my sheets, and you move too much anyway.
I kiss the furrowed forehead, before my face is hidden in the warmth of your furry chest, and you hold me like a rag doll, drooling over my pillow like a little baby.

In the morning, before the sun wakes up and switches on all the bloody lights, I look at you in the diffused light, I stare into your eyes, seeing myself reflected in them, I wonder where our souls are.
Then you sigh, let a lock of my hair slide between your hooked nails, give me a rueful smile and disappear. 
In the stories they said I was your captive, but you’re locked in my head.
I found the book, the one they wrote about us. They said you changed into a handsome prince. But you’re still my monster, when I’m alone, I can feel your arms encircling my waist as I stare out of the window.

They don’t know the secret, about how the clever humans pulled you backstage and locked you in a cage, while another prince came in and pretended I was his.

But we got our happily ever after didn’t we?
When the lights go out, and I lie alone in my bed, you come lumbering into my dreams, making love to me with the beauty and the beast OST playing in the background.


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