My love is the kind that will never ask of you
Where you had been
Where you are going
And why were you looking at her.

It is however the kind, that
Wonders if you had been with her
If you went to meet her
And if you found her more beautiful.

And even if all of those answers placate me,
I wouldn’t complain if you left.

I might not raise a storm every time you’re gone
But it hurts nevertheless.

I cried myself to sleep before we met.
I still cry myself to sleep.

I tried to bake a cake on a muffin tin
My feelings overflow;
But you scrape it off
And throw it in the bin marked ‘excess’

I see through your lies,
But I pretend not to;
Because it’s like catching the skeletons in the closet
Of a one night stand.


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