My Firefly.

I needed to forget, so I came here. Both of us, two circles intersecting at two points, and cocooned in the comfort of that common ground; I let the world drown out.

Every addictive substance I have ever tried, I have realized I might become dependent on, you’re no different. You’re my escape from the horrors of a mind that never quietens.

If it weren’t for your presence, I would have been driven out of my mind.
Loneliness can be decapitating, especially when you’re surrounded by people you love.
The trouble is, they don’t feel the same.

Does it get easier?
The wrenching feeling somewhere inside you, every time you remember a passing comment that you laughed through, but actually broke all your self-esteem?

I used escapism as a way of handling constant rejection and my ability to botch things up.
Be it in a book, in a bottle of vodka or your single minded obsession with yourself; I lose myself,
I’d rather be anywhere else than in my own head.

Every stumble, every wound my fierce love inflicts on me, I shut out.
Its pitch black and I am waving about a trapped firefly.


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