Fragile Sentiments

Tonight, it is

blue against  green,

sky against nature,

Declared Theocratic State against Pseudo-Secularist State

Bullying douchebags against bullying douchebags

haters who dont know why they hate against haters who dont know why they hate

patriots against patriots

Indians versus Pakistanis

and yes, bitches, the money is rolling.

Who is going to win? Well, the genius’ who play on imbecilic national prejudices and hold India versus Pakistan cricket matches, they- duh.

Who is going to lose? Every honest man, woman and child who projects all their misplaced, goaded, filthy anger due to religious distinctions on to the television screen.

Down here, there are orange white green stripes on the cheeks, smelly lucky blue jerseys and a feeling of such unexplained hatred mistranslated into patriotism that it hurts the Indian in me.

Were we not better than this? Is it really necessary? All this-go to Pakistan if you dont like the government, go to Pakistan if you don’t like cricket, go to Pakistan if you want to fucking fart.

why is it necessary to ascertain my identity as a member of the Democracy of India, by watching a bloody cricket match and pointlessly hating eleven hard-working players for no good reason? Because like it or not, half of you snob-eyed Patriotic pieces of shit are watching this match not because you love cricket(which you do because it is in the Indian DNA) but because its India vs Pakistan.

You pieces of hypocritical jackasses who buy booze the day before Independence Day and go on picnics on Republic Day, suddenly love this country so much because finally your ‘patriotism’ gives you permission to hate a section of your population? Do you need more reservations, is that it? Will that placate you? Perhaps a reservation of seats for those incapable  of thinking, that be good? OR do you want to ban rice grains next, because Hinduism worships rice as a Goddess?

Khushwant Singh began his book  Train to Pakistan with the line “The fact is, both sides killed and raped.” Truer words have never been said. When are we, the people of India, going to see, that for every train of dead Indians they sent our way, we sent one filled with their dead? 

How long do we plan to carry the burden of our bloody history on our backs, morphing the way we think or act and speak? How long will we let the dead tell us who to hate?

My father has never been interested in sports, he is firmly against any sort of luxury whatsover, but today, he came home and asked me to switch on the tv because- India vs Pakistan cricket match. It is ingrained within his soul, that his country should not lose this match, not because he wants the cricket team to win, but because it is almost a matter of his pride, that his beloved country might lose against Pakistan.  In his mind, and in the mind of the majority of our vast population, tonight is a test of wills, of two nations built of the same species, hell bent on proving that they havent let their ancestors down, that in the most civilised and legal way possible, they continue to foster a hatred that once cost more lives than all our Gods combined could ever forgive.

Some would argue that this is all random talks, it is just a harmless game, oh but it is not. From when I was a child, this ridiculous concept of India vs Pakistan matches have plagued me, and not just because cricket can literally bore my brain cells into dying, but because of the amount of percolated hatred that has seeped into it.

Now, I do not mean to offend anyone, and I have full respect for India’s love for cricket. It is adorable and passionate, even I pressed my nose to the screen and stared in wonder the year India won the ICC World Cup. But this, is slightly different and we can all sense it, in the growing disquiet over intolerance and over-opinionated extremists, this game seemed a bit like pimping out cricket for the pleasure of religious fanatics.

Flinging shit at each other wont get us anywhere.


and honor each other. We are more than some squiggly lines on a map, more than what our history books taught us to be.







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