The seven steps to forever

The circle of life, and the dangers of love.

The shadow pressed against the window pane
Takes your form, hope rises and falls again,
My mind plays a wicked game tonight.

The pendulum swings,
Left,right then left again,
The hands crawling up the clock face,
Awaiting a dystopian nightmare.

Memories, vivid, garish, bright
I hallucinate into the colourless twilight,
Searching for an evanescent glow,
A mosaic of happiness threaded with hope.
But the taste lingers.

A tongue once scalded by ambrosia,
Finds all caresses passionless,
All the simple pleasures reduced
To dust, and shadows.
Yearning for more than haunted dreams
I close my eyes again.

Opia, submerged in a stranger’s arms
Is this how I escape then?
With every rise and fall of skin against skin,
I search for what I have lost,
In the touch of thumbs,
Bite on flesh, in the sharp pain
I seek to find the flimsy notion of you.

I stand closer to the fire,
Watching the beating heart of flames
You call for me in whispers
To step through the gateway
And into another world.
The restraints of body battle against
The warmth of a soul drawn to you
My skin splits open,
You swallow my soul, leaving
A carcass for the hounds to feed on.

Dust thou art
To dust thou shalt return.

In response to mindlovemisery’s menagerie wordle #103


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