E for easy

In response to the  a to z challenge

She flipped her hair off one shoulder, flashing that hundred megawatt smile at him, her thumb swiping down the screen as she scooted closer. Her eyes laughed at their own jokes, her anklet hung in a perfect circle around her heel.
She was light, the distinct lightness that only some people possess; that awareness which seeps into your skin when you know she is in the room. Not the head-turning brilliant illumination, but a tug, a tuning fork in resonance, the kind of lure you can’t resist or feel.

She was incorruptibly corrupt, the kind of chase that never had a happy ending. She was in it for the thrill, the candy-coated bitterness; laughter and spells.

I stared, counting on the tips of my fingers the number of men who had willingly walked into her poorly veiled scheme of deceit.

Then I took three steps right into her lies.


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