K for Keeping.

In response to the a to z challenge

I’m packing my bags, and my suitcase is overflowing, and I don’t want to leave anything behind.
I’m keeping some things though, that were never meant to be kept, storing them away, safe houses in my mind.
I’m keeping the cloud castles outside my plane window, my first ever view from the sky.
I’m keeping the long walk beside the river, a family connected by glowing lines.
The hesitant, discomfort homesickness, that washed under a hot shower that night.
I’m keeping the knowledge that teachers can be wonderful, and I’m keeping the light in a rake’s eyes.
I’m keeping a person, who was half a man, and a child. I’m stowing away the irritation at certain faces, the first glimpse of a girl who looked like a princess, dressed in flannels and sitting on my bed.
I’m keeping niceness, a startling amount that made me feel at home, a camera full of absurd pictures.
I’m keeping an island, a thousand stairs and a hand that held me through it all.
I might have to buy a few more bags.
I am keeping a bright light, a firefly that stings and yearns to fly. A bright eyed girl with broken words and a smile.
I am keeping a long conversation, and a new love for history. I’m storing the smile of a dozen on seeing a box of sweets.
I’m keeping the taste of lemon, a splash of green and sarcastic laughter, and a long conversation on Renaissance, customary laws and human minds.
I’m keeping strange half-notes, laughter and two pegs of blenders pride. I’m keeping with me, a long walk through a crowded store, a burst of flavour in my mouth and inhaling mint flavoured smoke in the night.
I’m keeping a sunlit terrace and the taste of fresh steamed beans.
I’m keeping with me, a cute guy across the room. I’m saving a bunch of Indian writers, and a book called rise of the sperms. I’m saving suave reading skills, broken English and a person who is a grumpy smile. I’m sticking it together, a collage of haphazard people and emotions, a pink scarf around a throat.
I will remember, more than I forget, a bright smile of violent innocence found, finding words, ice cream and laughing on a cafe couch.
I’ll keep the unintentional, a packet of pasta and a stolen cigarette. I’ll keep with me worn out feet, steamed momos and a girl with a brilliant laughter as we navigated throngs of people.
And I’ll keep one more day, from start to finish without a single fullstop, and that’s all I’ll keep, when I’m airbound.


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