M for man-made, memory.

In response to the a to z challenge

Indifference. That is what I came armed with. Yet nothing is ever that simple, for I leave with the indifference intact. I didn’t even need it in the duration of my trip.
Why would you need indifference when you’re happy? I think that is happiness, one rarely feels it nowadays, I don’t know for certain.
I had lost hope in people, that was it.
I had lost hope in people, and my sister revived it.
But now I feel the lightness waning. Cracked the cocoon of my comfort, now it’s time for me to fly.
The screwed in seats before the boarding gates, where people sit, at the mercy of time. Doesn’t matter if your cells are dying every minute, to live in this world, you have to fly their dictated time.
Commercialisation leaves an ugly taste in my mouth, especially the kind that is as cold and impersonal as an airport. I decided I hate flights. I hate how fleeting, how faceless the throng of people are. I see no end or beginning, it’s just a long bus of indifference. It’s the epitome of being alone in a crowd. The flight attendants make-up cracks, the security check in beeps endlessly. My ‘thank you’s are lost in the apathy of a dead-end job.
A flight speaks of man’s pride. An airport speaks of his worthlessness.
Signs, glow signs, advertised signs, more signs, herding, guiding the cattle in us. Something so unique and remarkable worn down by indifference of a multitude.
Throngs of feet stomping over the beauty, the sheer willpower of man for their own ends. The journey wrecked meaningless by the yearning for the destination.
So many souls, so many lives, thoughts stories, a pulsing life-line of toil and desire, boiled down to nothing.
We are one, united now. United by our lack of spirit.


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