O for Only.

In response to the a to z challenge

Fizzed, sparked and died, my love it did.
I watched it bloom, burst,
Colour under my lids, the moment I woke up,
Till I collapsed back into sleep.

The ache, beating in tune with my heart,
Every moment, a rush in my veins,
Up in flames and into darkness.
The chant kept, leapt and danced,
I’m yours. Only yours.

Some lies are best forgotten,
Some stay.
Karma, biting back when you think it’s over.
The lies, in your eyes,
Demand for happiness, I almost believed.
I almost fell.

Every moment, fighting against the laws,
Of physics and life,
I’m alone, staring right at you,
A furniture in your empty room.

You close off, I close in,
Flowers burst, bloom, destroyed.
Your obsession with little things.
Only fools fall for you,
Only fools fall.

The walls are closing in,
The finality of darkness,
Bitterness and I’m grasping at straws,
Drowning,thrashing, lashing with pitiful bursts of hope.
I’m forgetting, reeling
An elaborate dance in the darkness,
There is nothing, yet there is everything
Till I am incomplete and paper flies
Through my fingertips and
I look for paradise in
The hell inside my heart.


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