R for Real


In response to the a to z challenge

The way your hand hangs by your side, the energy flowing from the tip of your finger, right up the slope of your boney arm. In the crook of your nose, I hide, in the wrinkle fanning along your eyes I am the secret. In the eyes, the only part of you which doesn’t lie, I see myself reflected a hundred times. In a room of horrors, I touch the mirror infront of my face, touch the slope of my cheekbone, wondering if it is you, or me.

I see you, I feel you, in the distorted shapes. In my reflection, I find you again. So I order a thousand glass mirrors, I see only myself, and there you are, in the twist of my smile. The floor is silvered glass, and I see you stare back at me. Soaking in the tub the water reflects me too, and everywhere I see you.

I wont forget the words someone had whispered in my ear, they told me I am lonely, I yearn for somebody- oh but I have you! They told me, you’re in the ground now, so I dug and dug till my hands were raw, but there was nothing that resembled who you used to be. Then they told me, I’ll see you when all my days end, so I counted them on my fingers, but they kept growing.

I see you, in my face, the soul I swallowed whole. They tell me you’re not real, yet you’re the realest person in my mind. We both are everything, two puzzles and just one single piece. You share my body, and I share your soul, and we are together, forever, whole.



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