U for unity.

In response to the a to z challenge

The fandom awakens.

You could feel it stir, from January, tiny ripples in the pond, till it’s been up and about after the first trailer.
It’s been crashing into the shores of mainstream media, wave after wave building up a frenzy, till you’re there, sitting on the uncomfortable scaly back, clutching reins in sweaty palms, the dragon is crouching, the claws digging into the ground, the muscles coiled, tensed.
Waiting. Amidst rumours, theories, rewatches and arguments you’re waiting till you forgot you’re waiting.
Then, the huge wings unfurl, slowly, beating once, twice and
Then you’re flying, through the opening score.
That score which unites every single Game of Thrones fan.
The opening score, which in its rise and fall, in its celebratory yet dirge-like quality takes you up, and places you smack in the World of Ice and Fire.
And the journey begins.
The journey, of chasing after a legend, trying to hold on to your companions, united, yet alone in the sheer sense of pleasure that’s coursing through us all.

Years from now, when all of this is forgotten, sitting on a chair, staring into the fireplace, I’ll tell my grandchildren(or kittens) that
I lived through a journey that is unlike any other. I watched, and read, and saw carved a legend.
I lived in the time of modern epics. I breathed in the same air as a million hearts beating faster at the scrape of two swords.

I, lived in the time of a song of ice and fire.


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