Rusted licks.

You’re the last word and the first,
The end of the thread, the end of the world.
Fireworks on your skin,
You hate that I can see within, your soul
You eat me whole, a snake with no head
And no tail.

Throb throb, more organs than my heart, sitting at the adult table, swinging my legs
Catching your knees with the end of my toes.
Cutlery, flavours on my tongue,
The feel on your mouth on my shoulder blade
Tasting the salt on my skin,
Too little, too late.

Who is more bitter, the fire or the storm, I’ll take you, you’ll burn me out.
No, not a drop of blood, wooden swords-
We are only playing, after all.

I silently will you to speak, to break
You do the same, maybe.
It stretched on, our clash of wills
No ending, no beginning ever appearing.

Who wins, I wish I knew, every night
Beneath the laughing moon-
Exhausted, we lay in an impasse;
The days devoid of thought and the night,
Hunger, bare
Stripped to the bone, a meal of carcasses on stone.
There is no sensuality, in the sparks that fly,
Two angry thoughts that entwine endlessly, the fabled you and I.

Brief, explosive, brilliant, a firework
Layers of skin, an onion without worth.
We peel and peel, staring deeper into the abyss.

Do you have a right to leave,
Do I?
What powers have we given each other, in the trysts of the night?
Or maybe we are dust, a speck, a star in another sky,
The mad eye moon watching us struggle by.

I refuse to budge, you refuse to move;
We are masterpieces all on own,
But ‘together,’ that’s absurd, almost a lie
Unless it’s the dead of the night.
Then we shed, layer after layer, half complicated,
Trapped in each other’s glares.

There is no relief, because we expose and stare
Watching how far we can go,
How much do we dare.
Neither of us buckle, only burn up faster,
We climb and climb,
And crumble down to the bottom.

I whisper your name, an irreverent curse,
A prayer almost because I want to hurt you
Lash whips across your face,
Watch the skin flush as my fingers press,
The Adams apple bobbing, eyes wide
You’re not even close to terrified.

You invite more,
A challenge to undo you, but I leave half knots
And you tighten my noose.

Again, a wheel downhill, rolling endlessly,
You take my hurt without flinch or worry,
And ask for more, a pretty half smile
Your vanity showing, but you don’t really mind.

Neither of us win, neither of us lose,
And endless game, broken and exposed.
Unnamed, either of us, nothing to trace,
Our blood churning with each other,
A poison inside our system, the kind of fall you could only swallow with grace.


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