A message from a stray lover

You’re sewing patches onto me, with every move you make, the longing grows. Soon, I crave the helplessness  of the fall, the boulders that crash over and around my head, the thunder and lightnening of a Father disappointed at my depravity. I am falling to the ground a mad house hailstone, a shard of glass that cuts your lips, your cheeks coursing with the sting of blood. I lie in the drains, fizzing out, sucking the heat from the asphalt.

I am everywhere all at once, in the crease of your cheek, the hollow of your collar and the soaked fold of your tshirt. I am flying in the breeze, lashing against close panes of cars whizzing by on the highway and kissing the mudsoaked tires of your motorcycle.

I am a battle, that touched your lips, escalated into a war, I am lying on a wreckage in a junk yard, a rusted ford glowing in the hissing sodium lamps. I am cowering in the back seat of a garaged state bus, rushing in through a window jammed by a child’s chewing gum.

I lick the top a freckled’s nose poking through metal grills, wink at the poet who stared at the sky through egg shaped glasses. I lie abandoned on the floor, weeping down the sides of parasols and umbrellas, while socked feet rush off to greet the warmth of happy wives and daughters.

I dance away from the fur coat of the flea-ridden mongrels, sink in tiny ink pools on makeshift taarpoline homes. I come home with you, in the lining of your shoes, on the edge of your shoelace, on the back of your scalp. I unite with my domestic brothers under the shower, melt down your skin like a stray lover’s kiss.

I stick stubborly to the corner of your heel, avoiding narrowly the lazy swipe of your soft green towel. I brush gently as you climb in with your woman, a stray raindrop which reflects in the tear lines that streak her holywood face.

By the time the sun knocks lazily on the silk curtains of your window, I have flown away, my essence peeling off this strange world as I journey upwards to the crystal softness of an  eternal circle. I float, weightless, burning up and cooling down, my hummingbird heart slowly turning into a loadstone that will eventually drag me back to your earthly skin.


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