All I do.

And you wonder when you wake up will it be alright.
Feels like something broken inside. – ink, coldplay.

The shrug and an accompanying pout, when you won and your opponent lost. Only we both knew, you’re playing to impress me. I’m sorry tears flood my eyes as I remember. I remember things others forget. I told you that too, that I pretend to forget to fit in. You listened closely, but I am sure you’ve forgotten aswell. But I don’t, because I’ve never known someone like you. I stare at you like Luis Armstrong must have stared at the moon while they faked the landing. I’m not dying without you. I’m fine, I’ll live I’ll be happy. But the neat hole in my chest, noone will fill. Not even you, given you’re foolish and dumb.
Im breaking and you couldn’t care because I’m beyond your care. I am lost and you’re too far for your light to guide me. So i make do, till I give up and I’m back to the start, and you’re an ache that never goes away. Oh the ridiculousness of loving some one who would never understand. Yet that’s all I do.


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