Cold vengeance.

No dawn no day, I’m always in this twilight, in the shadow of your heart. -cosmic love, Florence and the machine.

I want to get you out of your system. Each Letter, the words, the memories everyone else would think is a figment of my imagination. So go ahead, revel in your three girls and foolishness. I’ll scrape through. But do not for moment think I won’t use the hurt I feel against you.
I’ll sell you, in my poetry and my prose, using you like commercial sales, fucking people who make more sense. I’ll do it all, to bring justice to the ash, to the anger you left inside me. You thought you could walk away? Now watch as I sell you for a dollar. Maybe noone will buy you, still your loss not mine.
I’m the only one who’d paint you as the masterpiece you are. And after renouncing me, all you have is mediocrity. I hope you thrive in a land where you never belonged. That’s what you deserve, for breaking me. I hope you rot, unanswered, I hope you’re left empty without knowing what you want.
I hope you’re bitter because you broke what could have been a broken me and you.

I hope you’re happy, in your land of ashes, because the beauty I held for you, I’ve let rot. You destroyed my love, and Ill never paint you again.

You’re not Dorian Grey.
You’ll be forgotten.


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