Shadow of a heart

Why is there no wisdom in love?
I realise, it’s the only thing we should be taught to fear.
We can fight wars, fight misogynists, fight stereotypical racists, sexists, the orthodox and the old school.
We can fight everything we have been taught to fear.
Yet the only thing we have been taught to embrace, love- it’s what always brings us to our knees.
We should have trained, not against eveteasers but against kind eyes, we should have learnt how to fight, not with pepper spray and keys, but with locks on the doors to our minds.
Most often we lay crippled because we haven’t learnt the simple lesson yet,
That we should fear what our heart loves.
We can fight everything else, but not ourselves.
Noone can fight the pain of being loved.
It’s nowhere close to what the world prepared you for.
In the end it’s what will burn your funeral pyre, not the forewarnings of genocide.
Just one heart.
Just the shadow of one heart.


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