Fragments of light

You live your life in fragments,
In sweeping sections- piece by piece.
Not one part of your worries, translate
Into the next, the kind of colours
That don’t leak from the borders.

You live your life in fragments,
Each chronicled like pages in a scrapbook
Systematic, one trouble at a time
One forgotten as you turn to the next.

I think of you asleep, because you
Invade my dreams and infuse my
Thoughts with silence,
Peace with disquiet.
You live your life in fragments.

And I? I am the rainbow melted,
Seven colours undissected
Your fragments versus my motley,
Patched up shawl.
I am confused, you’re color blind.

I see you through a haze of rejection,
Words you speak in a different
Tongue that stare
At me because it’s your scrap-book
Page. The worry of the month.

You display a truce flag
A war you’re waging at midnight
With the others of your kind and
I, I am silent, feeling the red of
My skin blur with the black of the night.

You live your life in fragments
I lay spent, floating midsea,
Your whiteness splitting
Bathing me in your colours.

My toes are pale violet, gleaming and melting up my legs in stains of indigo and purple. My hips are blue, the water pouring down my skin under the touch of your light.
Green winds of weeds snake up my stomach, kissing the swell of my breasts in  a strange costume of shadows. The yellow of the sky is bright against my wrists, the gold oozing off my skin. The curve of my neck, a smooth wave of orange light that peaks up my chin to paint my lips with the red of your kiss.
You’re fragmented
I am blended, a used color palette.


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