Brief bedtime thoughts.

Signs of growing insanity.

I cannot sleep at night. I cannot sleep unless the clock ominously strikes four like in a clichéd horror movie running an hour late from stipulated 3 o clock myths.

So, at 4.17 in the morning, my head buzzing with two (or three, one was a rewatch) incredible, and absolutely polar opposite movies
Inside out, Mulan, and then source code, if you must know. (Yes, in that order.)
I finally decided I should sleep.
I puffed up my pillow, brushed the bed of imaginary dust.
Then, cool as you please, I carefully applied lip balm on my lips, exactly like I would before going out.
Then I justified it to myself without missing a beat,
I’m getting ready for the man of my dreams.

I am hilarious, or delirious.
Or both.
Good night world, or morning.


2 thoughts on “Brief bedtime thoughts.

  1. You could be describing one my own late-night benders in which bad movies (or good, as in your case) prevent you from getting to bed in a reasonable amount of time. I find combining Benadryl and Melatonin can help drag you under–especially if you chase it down with a glass of wine. (Disclaimer: Not medically recommended.)


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