Human Code

Chinese whispers

of Japanese soldiers all coiled up

in throes of radioactive agony

Hid away in the doors and windows

Fell asleep in the dust

Of old forgotten battles

It sounds like “run run run”.


I think of the cats,

Walking thin parapets with ease

Till a man breaks in and

There is need for protection,

The spikes of glass on their paws leave

Yowls and prints of blood that

The next shower of rain swallows.


The bullets lying in evidence lockers

Bent out of shape from the force

It needed, to release the soul

Seeping out of closets, blood

All seven colors in the disco lights.



Every action has an equal and

Opposite reaction

Opposite for hate, was never

Answered with hate, it was only

Retaliated with tears, candle wax

Pictures, all ghosts, actions

Whose most immediate reaction

Was borne by a brass bullet

Hideously bent out of shape.


Formed out of gunshot wounds,

Flowers will bloom in riots of colour

Of solidarity and human chains till,

Till the marches end and the day is done

The coffins lay cold, futile.


Cats again, giving birth every six months

Half the dew eyed kittens dying,

I think of paws bleeding under glass shards

The picket fences of hate and mistrust

We needed closets, we needed burqas,

And fairness creams, don’t forget that.


We needed to hide for what can you do

Against one man with a gun?

What can you do when the consequences of man

Are borne by metal shells that

Get lodged in the hearts, arms and legs

That are identical to the one who is firing.


We might as well stand before mirrors,

And slit the throats of our reflections,

Because hey,


(Human==white && genitals==penis && desire==women)


system.out.print “God loves you.”;




GOTO hell;

system.out.print “Nigger, slut, faggot, God hates you.”





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