The night you left

I took selfies in the dark,

My two eyes veritable question marks

Shining in the weak black lights,

An outline of a dark cheek and flowy hair that

Hangs in a halo of shadows.

I make faces at the night, at the floor above my head

My stubby nose sniffs the voyeur in the night

I lift the camera and click photographs,

In monochromes and shades of gray,

That were not kinky, the only wet on my face

I felt the laughter bite the tail of my cries,

And the timer ticked on photograph after the next,

Black outlines of me lying in bed

Only eyes, staring framed by an ink forehead.

Tangled clothes and prominent tips of collar bones.

I close my eyes, open my mouth, the lips

Hanging in a moist groan of a question

The forgotten memory of your seed splattering

In a dark night somewhere, on blankets

On the darkness and a mouth, waiting.

My hand explores the scars that mark

Penitence on my thighs, ridges

Each white shiny strip of skin, reminders

Drained of colour to silvery white,

Braille for those blind in love.


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