Finding reasons

I came in fragments.
I came in fragments, struggling against
The amniotic sac of comfort that
blurred the world into

I was heavy with war, with war
inside my self, raw
with the weight of the rock
chained to my back
Sisyphus, your climb
is my climb.

I sit in silence,
the meaning of life lost
lost beyond definition,
maybe this is it
The war from armchairs
machine guns
mud on boots,
loss,after loss,
after loss
the idea of freedom
the Quran and the cross.

apocalypse is a sort of nirvana, isn’t it?
Ignorance is a sort of rest, isn’t it?

I am leaking, from throats
that could not recite holy words
I am slipping in dialects
I am slipping on shards of stone,
I know why the caged bird sings
For the caged bird sings of freedom.

Azadi, they want it
we have it
in degrees,
It depends on your bank balance
your age
the kind of organ hanging between your legs
My freedom lasts till 7 in the evening.

I am disagreeable, with

ideas of my nationality
the idolized nationality
thou shall not covet
we fragment with mine mine mine
My country
My religion
My caste
My colour
yet, yet
That is not the Christian thing to do
That is not the Islam thing to do
To want,
is not the way of the Bhagvat Gita.

Life is simple, in
the simplest of terms.
Focus on a spot, the spot will
burst into a microcosm of its own.
Believe in an idea,
the stones in your hand will turn to guns.
That’s all it takes.

That is it,
We need an idea, a sense
of immediate freedom
of immediate oppression
of something
I need to believe
I need to remember.

I need it or one day
is the same as the next
I need a muse,
be it a person, bound in chains
be it a thought bound in chains
be it a God, bound in chains.

we, the crusaders.
we, the humans.

We record atrocities with precision,
as if human history is nothing but graves,
As if humanity is nothing
As if
As if
We were desperate for a reason.
Aren’t we,
desperate for a reason?

The ones with a cause are
as much as ill fortune
brings you fortune
I know why the caged bird sings,
why does the free bird sing?
voting out of the EU,
building walls to keep the white inside
wishing for an American dream,
and a minimum wage that is
higher than the
middle class economy in
some countries.

Compare your scars with mine
It gets better, or worse
depending on
what is better,
what is worse?
lets climb up again, shall we?



One thought on “Finding reasons

  1. “be it a person, bound in chains
    be it a thought bound in chains
    be it a God, bound in chains.”

    But I'm saving the entire thing though. I'm gonna read this when I'm low.

    Liked by 1 person

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