Better love 

I once kneeled in shaking thrill, before a God who had tricked me into heaven. He carried me into a world I scarcely knew, his hair the combed stresses of Poseidon, the thunder in his arms rippling as he dragged me away, In the storming  of my sanity he was my Zeus. 

I chase the memory of it still
, the way he conquered me. I remember the brutal war of Ares pounding in my spirit. of every chill of breath against my neck, the groping hands of Hades dragging me through blackness. 

Chided by that silence of a hush sublime, my screams carried all over Olympus as Hermes took his time, the mischief in his eyes.
Blind to the purpose of the brute divine, hepasthus hammering my soul into an exquisite paper doll.
But you were mine, your tongue tasting the salt on my neck, your salt, the wild deeper tremble of your constitution, 
Staring in the blackness at some distant star Kronos slowing the night.

 The Morpheus drip of solitude, the wildness reminding me of silence as profound as that of Pan’s screams.
The thrill of knowing how alone we are, I lay over you, your fingers exploring the craters of my back, I am so different from the perfection of your immortal lovers.

I am almost intoxicated by how unknown we are

As my tongue blocks pleasure with helpless screams, rising and falling like the waves under your care. I am drowning in the waves crashing beside us, while sand slips in between our toes.

To the wild and to the both of us
I confessed the longing I was dreaming of-

Some better love, 

You had found me, staring at the ceiling when Spent in a man’s arms, away from your brutalised charms I breathe out, knowing deep in my bones

but there’s no better love
That Beckons above me and there’s no better love
That ever has loved me, there’s no better love

I am noone now, a shadow in a whisp, my body moving and moulding with figures, the hollow inside filled when your sunlight rains on me, My Apollo, my
Darling, feel better love
Feel better love.

The blackness in your sea calm eyes, the same hands that had once stolen summer caresses my skin leave bruises in its wake,
And I’ve never loved a darker blue

The terror within not gone, only multiplied, your mouth tasting of despair and Styx, ripped into shreds of tormented souls, there is no better pain
Than the darkness I have known in you, 

No better pain, that I own from you

You, whose heart would sing of anarchy
, who shamelessly wield, the swords of Ares and plunge it deep within me.

All you did was take, 
You would laugh at meanings, changing the words,

You would laugh at the guarantees, leaving me unsatiated for nights 

I broke, into a hundred pieces so beautifully.

When our truth is burned from history they tell me you cannot be on mean, our story is a Grecian tragedy, forgotten By those who figured justice in fond memory, 

The so called divine, witness me, see my soul leak from my cracked urns, the world aflood when your hands snap me into two.

Deposed from your heaven, tossed and bruised I lay in the Garden of Eden, my hair blazing sunlight, my feet dark with Stygian caresses.

Like fire weeping from a cedar tree

Know that my love would burn with me even after you’re gone. I might be spent, yet in the emptiness where my emotions used to be
We’ll live eternally

Cause there’s no better love.

I am locked, naked in my own cage where your words tug at me. I can hear the crashing sound of waves begging to take me in. I can hear the prophecy
That beckons above me, there’s no better love
That ever has loved me, there’s no better love
So darling, feel better love
Cause there’s no better love
That’s laid beside me, there’s no better love
That justifies me, there’s no better love
So darling, darling, feel better love
Feel better love

based on better love, by hozier 


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