Dead glittered dolls.

I see you in the ravages of time
Held as I am in a deadlock of
Indifference fueled by indifference
While my insides ache
Like the underside of a pregnant dog.

You set me down in stone
And my tired, creaky insides flood
With words that have been absent
Till I see the glitter
That illumines your face.

Childishly I string words for
Selfish reasons that are somewhere
Between a burning need to
Bleed the infection out of me
And trapping it inside.

I hate you, the vitriolic words
Sting my tongue because they
Will never touch you
Never caress your indifferent cheeks
I have ceased in you
The story unfinished
Dead in a ditch grasping the
Lost years in his hands
My alcoholic alter-ego
Cries from the blows
That left me muted.
A silent film without the
Words that you despised
The words that made me real.


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