While waiting for the prince. 

Hey there,

You’re sitting there painting your nails, and in the dark the pink shines bright on your dark brown skin. 

Watching the princess stories ping pong and dance along your tired mind, How lonely can you feel?

Where is the hate taking you? is it somewhere real or are you falling down rabbit holes?
can I not Run away into a slow motion paradise let my tail be on fire and I’m internal like twilight? 

And there are predators running along from all sides Can’t you just love me, make this simple and we can brave the dark night? Where are you my prince, the book promised, the book promised a respite.

Why do I have to look so hard,to find the finger that will latch right onto mine? Why do I not look, the certainty that I never will find- and the ribbons of thought that slice into my soul, rip me into chimaeral ghosts who stand behind my head when I cry into my pillow.

The more you sink into me, your fingers like liquid, silver and white choking me, look in the mirror youll see a prince charming naked and deep throating his princess in the dead of night. 

Can you hear the honeymoon lullaby? The gurgling of pristine white necks being collared and belted while the steamer sails romantically
in the carabbean sea?

Do you hear Cinderella moan and hit her orgasmic peak, after the television screen dies, the children fall asleep?

Who are you fooling with your songs of romance and fairytales? Every happily ever after ends with being tied to the bed. 

Tell me then, inside you don’t wonder, if snow white with her rose red lips, got more in her mouth than a loving kiss?

All the children running about in a merry go round 

Husha, husha, 

We all fall down. 


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